Surely you've heard of "UGC- User Generated Content," and if you're not sure- just a small read and you'll know all about UGC and how to effectively and efficiently use it towards the benefit of your business.

User generated content is every posted photo by one of your customers / users. Most of these are posted on social networks, primarily Instagram. The customer tags your company page and in turn provides quality content and exposure.

Why is User-generated Content important?

  1. Studies show that potential customers that are unfamiliar with your brand feel a sense of trust when they see real content created by satisfied customers.
  2. Many times influencers purchase one of your items and you are unaware of this and therefore cannot use this to your advantage. Influencers content plays a big part in the decisions of other potential customers and can positively influence them in becoming an active consumer.
  3. It will be much easier for consumers to see themselves using your brand through seeing other consumers that are "real," rather than professional models.
  4. A different experience to discover your products by UGC.

Now that you're aware of the importance of UGC, how can you use it?
There are several ways for you to view the content generated by your users and strengthen your brand through them.

  1. Add a Facebook tab that contains the images of consumers with direct links
  2. Add a link in your Instagram bio to raise your conversion rate and the number of visitors to your site
  3. Add widgets to your internet site, you can add a slider at the bottom in addition to a link to your INSTASHOP with all of the pictures and products

Finally, it is very important to understand that the more you advertise your user generated content, the more you encourage your users to continue generating their own content to be able to appear on your site and social network platforms. Every post your consumers create leads to exposure in their friend circle and strengthens your brand.

Feel free to share your experience with UGC, and good luck!