App Name: Drop a Hint
Category: Sales / Marketing
Contact: Stan & Bella Almaleh
Price: $7-$15/mo

Entrepreneurs are a savvy, resourceful bunch. The team from Drop a Hint is no exception. Their Shopify app enables website visitors to e-mail their product wishes in stylish "hint cards" to the person of their choice. Stan is a jeweler by trade and runs his own Shopify store. He noticed that while women accounted for the majority of the traffic to his website, men were predominantly the ones making purchases. Stan felt that if he could find a way to give women the ability to easily share the products they loved with the men who would perhaps buy, he’d be able to significantly increase sales.

Stan couldn’t find an app with this functionality so he and Bella developed their own. Drop a Hint worked so well that they decided to offer it to other Shopify users.

Drop a Hint has become a favorite tool to drive sales of products as diverse as coffee, swimwear, jewelry, adult products, fuel injectors, cosmetics and high-end jewelry. Email marketing is a critical component of any e-commerce marketing strategy and Drop a Hint helps shopify stores grow their email lists by capturing two email addresses with every exchange, the sender and recipient.

Some of the other features include the option to display the Hinted Item right on the Hint Card, together with a branded message, so hint receivers can immediately have a glimpse of what their loved ones want. The team at drop a hint offers graphic design packages that further can customize the appearance of the app in your store or help you create your signature look. This app offers notifications to store owners in real time of what products are being “hinted”, providing a more detailed understanding of visitors’ browsing behavior. You can also schedule automated follow up coupon offers for both hint senders and hint receivers.
See the full details on this useful app on Shopify’s app store.

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