Want to know the secret behind the best way to integrate between your Instagram to your Shopify store? How to increase the conversion rate and purchases through Instagram?

There are a few factors stopping your followers from purchasing what you are selling, and it’s about time to break these barriers down!

The Problem:
Your followers can't directly find the item you are posting on Instagram, they have to go to your Shopify store and search for it- and most followers lose patience along the way or won't even try to begin with.

The Solution:
Take advantage of your Instagram bio and turn your Instagram into an entire feed that allows a one-click purchase and skip the questions of "How much is this?" or "Is this available on your website?" A direct link to the item will answer all of these questions and will allow for a quick purchase - right when your customer wants it!

The Problem:
Your followers are still not familiar with / trust your brand. Strengthen your brand through consumer generated content, it is found that 66.3% of consumers rely on consumer generated content, and 65% of consumers rely more on other consumers than on marketing content. - Elon University

The Solution:
Your everyday consumers upload photos that can ultimately strengthen your brand. Use these to your advantage by embedding these photos inside your Shopify store for consumers to have while shopping.

The Problem:
It’s hard to know what type on content works best for your consumers. Say for example you have a clothing brand- your consumers might prefer seeing the items laid out on the floor or they might prefer seeing the items on a model, and seeing them on other consumers. It’s important to know which post leads to the most interaction between the consumer and your store.

The Solution:
Add Conversion Pixel to your Shopify store that will allow you to see everything about the conversion, you'll be able to see which photo has been viewed the most on Instagram before purchases were made, which items posted were purchased, how many clicks were made on your site before making a purchase and how many times your Instagram feed was viewed before the consumer went through with their purchase. This way, you will be able to know what content creates an increase in purchases, and improve your posts accordingly to your followers.

It's now time for the practical part of the plan to utilize the solutions we have proposed and improve your sales on your Shopify store through Instagram.

  • Sign-up or Sign-in to Pixelshop.
  • Add your Instagram account to Pixelshop and add the Hashtags you and your followers use for your brand.
  • Add Pixelshop application to your Shopify store - Pixelshop App.
  • Go to your Media Center page at Pixelshop and curate your Instagram posts to your Shopify products.
  • Update your Instagram bio to the link provided by Pixelshop.
  • Add Conversion Pixel to your Shopify store.
  • Create widgets and display them wherever you want on your Shopify store.

After you have done all of the necessary steps and everything looks the way you want it to, it's time for the last step before the results start rolling in!

Upload a post to Instagram telling your followers that from today on they can purchase any item they see on your Instagram through the link in your bio. Your followers will now know that there is the option to purchase directly, and will always return to the link.

We would love to hear from you with your success stories or any questions that you may have!