Optimization depending on data. If you don't know what's working or not working you can't optimize, that's why even a test that has failed but generated data worth a lot.

Instagram is a visual platform, each photo you post can generate different response, one post can be very viral but will not generate a lot of revenue or other post that will be less viral but very profitable since he generated more revenue.

That's the reason why it's important to test your posts and maybe your audience want lifestyle photos more than product photos or maybe he like photos that have text on them, you can't know until you test and learn.

Pixelshop understand the importance of data and optimization and wanted to create the perfect solution to analyze the data. Pixelshop tells you which post generated the most revenue so you'll be able to learn what's working and start taking smart decision based on data and optimize your content for maximum sales.

If you don't use Pixelshop it's not too late, Pixelshop gives 14 days free trial:

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